Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence and Decision Support Systems

  • Design and implementation of Geo-Data Warehouse
  • Development and publication of geo-statistical indicators on the web
  • Multidimensional navigation, reports and dashboards also with maps
  • Interactive data exploration (Visual Analytics and Graph Data Browsing)
  • Data Analytics: forecasting and clustering
  • Social Network Analysis, Data Mining and Graph Mining to discover hidden relationships

Application in various public and private sectors

  • Socio-demographic, environmental and economic observatories, etc.
  • Analysis of the behaviour and performance of doctors, instruments and services
  • Monitoring the performance of corporate fleets
  • Calculation of reachability indexes of places and activities
  • Identification of the best places to open new activities (geo-marketing)
  • Detection of expenditure anomalies and fraudulent behaviour
  • Estimation of environmental, seismic and geological hydro impacts and risks

History of the project

Business Intelligence (BI)  is the process of transforming data and information into knowledge; also for this reason, BI tools are often called Decision Support Systems. The scope of Business Intelligence has been active in Territorial Systems since 1996.

Sistemi Territoriali has provided in recent years specialist support on related projects:

  • development of tools for the exploration, analysis and dynamic and interactive visualization of data (Visual Analytics)
  • design and implementation of information systems and DataWarehouse with open source technologies, proprietary and SAS
  • development of customised query, reporting and multidimensional navigation systems (OLAP)
  • development of reporting systems using innovative interfaces to graphs
  • use of statistical tools for data analysis and the discovery of hidden relationships (Data Mining and Graph Mining and Text Mining)


Sistemi Territoriali was one of the first Italian companies to be a Silver Partner of  SAS Institute; leader in the software and services sector of Business Analytics.

With the new product  SAS Visual Analytics SAS is the market leader in Business Analytics; SAS Visual Analytics, through an in-memory architecture, allows visual data exploration in an intuitive way and with high degrees of performance and the ability to share the results of analysis via the Internet and on mobile devices.


The customers to whom this area is addressed are both public and private, with projects developed for:

  • Central Public Administration
  • Local Public Administration
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Retail

Over the years Sistemi Territoriali has also developed proprietary BI solutions, such as StatPortal and Graph Data Browsing, and according to specific needs is able to offer consulting and services on selected open source products. 

Business area: