DatiOpen.it named "OpenGeoData 2012 Web Application"

DatiOpen.it publishes on the web the largest Italian database of open data. The data comes from various national information sources, and the portal is open to the contribution of everybody.

DatiOpen is entirely made with StatPortal OpenData® open source technology designed to create open data portals with advanced features.

portale datiopen.it

Il progetto: open data usabili per tutti

The project: open data usable for anyone

The basic idea of the DatiOpen.it project is to make open data usable by the general public, and to give a decisive boost to the Italian OpenData phenomenon with the following actions:

  • Collect and document as much Italian open data as possible. The editorial staff of datiopen.it daily monitors the Italian OpenData panorama in search of new data to be catalogued and inserted into the system. The goal is to become the national reference point for anyone looking for an open data.
  • To allow the visualization directly from the site of the data, in tables, graphs and maps. Thanks to the StatPortal OpenData technology, data are not only downloadable, as in most Open Data sites, but also viewable in tables, graphs and interactive maps.

Ultimately, the aim of the project is to make the huge amount of open data that is being established easily accessible to the general public, because we are convinced that this is the only real way to enhance such data and give them the dissemination they deserve.