Emergency Management

The project aims to create an application for the management of fire alerts and for the search for missing persons in the Abruzzo Region.

The system includes two main applications:

  • A web application, used in the control centres, for the management of fire signals
  • A mobile device application for searching for missing persons

The architecture of the web application, Client/Server type, consists of a Geodatabase on the Server side, and client-server applications for consultation, updating and data management on the Client side. The geographic database, within an Oracle DBMS, was created using the CRT of the Abruzzo Region and adding layers of information for fire reports, search cones and paths made by operators in the field.

The main features of the web application are:

  • consultation of the cartography
  • management of fire alerts, with the possibility of modifying their status (to be verified, ascertained, extinguished)
  • visualization of the paths made by the operators in the field
  • real-time visualization of the position of rescue teams
  • creation of research cones

The mobile application uses a local map cache on the server. The application works in a disconnected way and uses synchronization mechanisms to reconcile the data collected in the field with those present on the server and vice versa, so that both operators and control centers can have a complete picture of the situation at all times.

Through the mobile application, rescue teams can:

  • consult the map, assisted by a GPS module
  • create research cones
  • record the paths of the routes they have followed, in order not to return to the same places again
  • communicate with the Operations Centre