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Sistemi Territoriali is a Business Partner of ESRI Italia

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Sistemi Territoriali Srl is a Business Partner ESRI, market leader for GIS solutions.

The first activities of the founding partners with ESRI technologies date back to the late '70s, that is, before the opening of the national branches of ESRI Italy.

In addition to several projects using ESRI technologies, Sistemi Territoriali provides certified teachers to ESRI. Since the '80s Sistemi Territoriali has given hundreds of courses for private companies and public entities throughout Italy on behalf of the parent company.

Sistemi Territoriali is among the first Italian companies by revenue in sales and maintenance of ESRI products and distributes all software products developed by the parent company.

Flagship product is the ArcGIS Platform that includes the following:

  • ArcGIS Desktop consists of several modules (Basic, Standard, Advanced, and their extensions)
  • Server GIS (ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, and their extensions)
  • Mobile GIS (ArcGIS Mobile, ArcPad)
  • Developer GIS (ArcGIS Engine, etc.)

Sistemi Territoriali has developed several projects using ESRI technology in many fields of application including:

  • Urban Planning
  • Environment
  • Tourism and Cultural Heritage
  • Base maps and thematic maps
  • Cataloging geographic data, such as aerial photos, vector and raster data
  • Topographic Data Base

More generally, the company is able to operate at its best in these technological fields:

  • Design and implementation of Geographical Databases
  • Software Applications  for desktop, web and enterprise
  • Support services  and maintenance of the Software
  • Training