Geographic Information Systems

The GIS (short for "Geographic Information System") is a powerful set of tools to collect, store and recall if necessary, transform and represent spatial data from the real world (Burrough, 1986).


Design and implementation of GIS applications in many fields

  • Distribution and final sale of gas and electricity
  • Integrated Water Service Management
  • Collection and cataloguing of spatial information
  • Integrated cadastral services
  • Vehicle fleet monitoring

Software development with the latest generation of GIS tools

  • Development of Web, Mobile and Desktop GIS applications
  • Creation of websites for consulting geographical data
  • Geoportals integrated with the RNDT and publication of OGC services (CSW, WMS and WFS)
  • Integration of GIS into business systems

Processing and acquisition services

  • Design and implementation of geographical databases
  • Production and processing of data on a spatial basis
  • Drafting of Territorial Plans at various scales (PIT, PTCP, PRG, etc.)
  • Renovation of large-scale cartography from CAD to GIS formats

History of the project

The name "Territorial Systems" that has been given to the company, clearly denotes how Geographic Information Systems have been its core business since its foundation. Sistemi Territoriali was in fact one of the first Italian companies to have developed specific skills on GIS and on the application areas in which they were pioneeristically employed. This topic is still the one of reference today, despite the fact that the application areas of GIS have evolved considerably over time.

The company's strong proximity to the world of research, from which it was launched, has led, in the GIS activity, to a constant search for systems and innovative solutions that anticipate the times of the traditional market.

Sistemi Territoriali has carried out, in over twenty-five years of activity, many projects and provided specialist support in various areas including:

  • Design and implementation of Geographic Information Systems
  • Development of GIS applications such as WebGIS, mobile GIS, specific tools
  • Acquisition and elaboration of geographical data banks drawing up of Territorial Plans at various scales (PIT, PTCP, PRG, etc.)
  • Renovation of large-scale cartography from CAD to GIS formats
  • Implantation and updating of topographical databases
  • Integrated cadastral services
  • Creation of websites for consultation of geographical data
  • Creation of local and web platforms for the management of technological networks


The clients to whom it addresses belong not only to the central and local Public Administration, but also to private companies that are increasingly interested in geography as a tool for a better understanding of the company's business.


The technology used is the market leader, i.e. the platform ESRI of which Sistemi Territoriali is a Business Partner, but according to specific needs are also offered solutions developed internally and Open Source systems.

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