SDMX, which stands for Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange, is an international initiative that aims at standardising and modernising (“industrialising”) the mechanisms and processes for the exchange of statistical data and metadata among international organisations and their member countries.

SDMX is sponsored by seven international organisations including the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the European Central Bank (ECB), Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Union), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD), and the World Bank.

Since 2013 Sistemi Territoriali has been developing solutions based on SDMX upon customer’s request, specifically the statistical direction of the Lombardy Region. The potential of this standard has been immediately evident, so the company has continued in recent years to invest and to acquire growing know-how in this area.

Currently, the company's SDMX team, made up entirely of high-profile figures who are extremely specialized in software design and development, is constantly growing and is involved in three projects that deal with complementary aspects such as the publication of data and its reuse:

  • "SDMX Data & Meta Manager", on behalf of the Italian National Statistical Office (ISTAT), Sistemi Territoriali has designed and implemented a modern and SDMX web based open source suite of applications, fully integrated with the SDMX-RI released by Eurostat. Based on a Loosely Coupled Architecture, “SDMX Data & Meta Manager” allows to streamline the dissemination and reporting business process, the metadata management and to facilitate open (statistical) data publishing following the requirements detailed by the European and Italian Digital Agenda. With just few steps an organization can easily build a dissemination/reporting database driven by SDMX structural metadata, expose datasets through an SDMX Web Service and can disseminate the data catalog using the W3C Recommendation “DCAT” and CKAN v3 API.
  • "SAS for Open Hub" is a software platform, developed by Sistemi Territoriali and marketed in Italy by “SAS Italia”, which integrates SAS tools and open source components to provide to public and private organizations all the necessary to set up a “data hub”, i.e. a centralized catalog of data with search, data processing, display and open data publication. The data hub can be automatically loaded with internal and external sources such as open data portals and SDMX endpoints. 
  • "Smart Data Cloud" is a Research and Development project co-funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development that provides for the creation of an innovative semantic data search engine based on ontologies. The main objective of the search engine is to help users in finding information of interest to them among those published as open data and in SDMX.