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- SIT for the gas network

System for the Management of Technological and Infrastructural Networks

SITGas® is a system in continuous evolution, which integrates the databases of the gas network with those of the management of works, redelivery points, customers and the SIT-cartography, ensuring a knowledge of the gas network such as to allow:

  • Efficiency
  • Safety and security
  • Quality
  • Competitiveness


SITGas functionality 

Network simulations

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Functionality to the advantage of timeliness and safety which, through the analysis of network connectivity, allows the identification of elements disconnected from the distribution centre, a closed valve, valves to be closed to disconnect a pipe, create cathodic protection systems.

The analysis of network connectivity is one of the essential tools present in the system. 
A key support to the design, as it allows the desk preventive verification of the projects and the evaluation of different solutions.  
In case of failure, it is possible to carry out the simulation and schedule the necessary interventions by identifying the elements disconnected from the distribution unit, a closed valve, valves to be closed to disconnect a pipe, create cathodic protection systems.

Network design

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Tools to support the design of new network parts and modification of existing networks, providing all the necessary elements, from piping to valves.

With this module you can plan the network expansion in the new zones with great accuracy and also the modification of existing networks.
The designer can design the network with all the necessary elements, from pipes to valves, and verify the correct sizing by applying simulations. The pipeline network model can then be immediately modified to ensure full reliability and network optimization.

WebGIS and Mobile

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The web interface allows the management and analysis of the network through querying, searching, reporting and editing functions.
The application is accessible to the entire company through authentication as the available features can be filtered by user profiling. 


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Advanced quality reports such as table, map and graphics for internal consultation and reporting to the competent authorities, for example the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG). Various standard formats (A0) and plotting are supported.