Who we are

Sistemi Territoriali S.r.l. was founded in 1991, with the purpose to provide consulting and professional services to enterprise, local and central government in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS) and later Business Intelligence Systems (BI) context. Over the years the business skills have widened even in highly topical issues such as big data and open data.

Sistemi Territoriali S.r.l. is ESRI Business Partner and SAS Institute Silver Partner, market leader companies respectively for GIS and BI solutions.

Sistemi Territoriali S.r.l. has always worked in close collaboration with the academic and research world from which the founding members come. This cultural proximity has favoured the creation of a research and development laboratory within the company which over the years has generated various innovative products. Research activity has characterized the company among the many that operate in the IT sector, allowing it to have well-defined characteristics and to operate successfully throughout the country on projects of large dimensions.  
The main areas in which the company operates are as follows:
  • realization of Geographic Information Systems and topographic databases
  • acquisition, production and processing of GIS data
  • realization of WebGis systems, geo portals, geo-statistical portals with open source and proprietary technologies
  • realization of Data Warehouse and Geo Business Intelligence systems with open source and proprietary technologies
  • creation of its own line of software solutions that operate in various areas such as Geo Business Intelligence, Social Network Analysis, Big Data, Open Data, Semantic Web, Linked Open Data
  • professional services in areas such as geo marketing, open data, environmental monitoring, fight against fraud, public utilities
  • development of desktop software solutions, web and mobile applications and complex software architectures
  • resale, technical assistance, training and consultancy services on ESRI technologies
  • SAS technology training and consultancy services
  • training and consulting services on open source technologies
  • development of specific components for ESRI ArcGIS and SAS technologies.
The experience gained in more than two decades of business activity constitute a wealth of knowledge and skills that allow the company to be efficient while providing the highest possible quality.
Sistemi Territoriali S.r.l. is a member of the Technological Pole of Western Tuscany located in Navacchio (PI).
Sistemi Territoriali has certified its own Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, in the firm belief that implementing this System for each activity supports the efforts to develop a greater and greater sensitivity to customers, suppliers and partners, to constantly improve business performances.
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