Network Utilities

Public utilities, are services to which the community gives a great socio-economic value, so as to be considered essential, involving general public interests that should not be disregarded in their provision.

Among the national public services we can include:

  • electricity
  • national pipeline network (primary)
  • rail transport
  • airport transports
  • highways

Among the typically local public services we can include:

  • distribution and final sale of electricity
  • destruction and final sale of methane gas
  • water services
  • sewerage and purification
  • litter
  • local public transport (both rail and other modes)

Sistemi Territoriali has been offering its specialized consulting services on these issues for years in various forms: from the use of GIS technologies and market Business Intelligence to the development of entire vertical software solutions to meet specific needs.

Among the active projects we point out two:

The SITNet system, an advanced SIT for the management of networks on a cartographic basis, based on an ArcGIS® Geodatabase currently used by various customers and always evolving.
The optimization of waste collection rounds and a DSS for the Reward System established in the Municipality of Pisa, as part of the project "Smart Separate Collection", presented in the Workshop Technology - GISe20: The dashboard of the Environment Sector of the Municipality of Pisa.